Welcome to Montclair Light Works

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Montclair Light Works as your source for finely crafted task and RLM lighting. Montclair Light Works is family owned and valued. We are designers, fabricators and craftspeople. We want our products to create a sense of warmth in your home.
Product integrity and quality, meeting our customer’s needs, specifications, and delivery expectations are what we do every day with the hopes of bringing you back again.


Why buy from Us?

  • We manufacture our products in Montclair CA. As US manufacturers we can customize your product, one piece or ten, to suit your needs.
  • We use the highest grade materials and finishes available to us, our goal is provide a product that will stand the tests of time and weather.
  • We source services locally to keep our footprint small. We are proud to source materials and services in the So. CA area, we like keeping it local.
  • We build our product to order to keep our overhead low. This allows us to pass our savings on to you.
  • We value your business and will strive to provide you an exceptional buying experience.


Address: 9044 Del Mar Avenue, Montclair, CA 91763
United States of America

Phone: +877-377-1807

Hours: M-F, 8 AM TO 5 PM PST

E-mail: hello@montclairlightworks.com